Slalom Fins

SS (Speed Slalom)

The concept of the SS- fins is based on a special area division with more area at the base (larger base foil) and less area in the second half. This causes in very good control at top end speeds also in choppy conditions.


There are actually 3 different shapes in the current SS- series: SS, SS2 and SS3. The SS2 and SS3 have got slightly more area each.


Available sizes:

SS - up to 47cm

SS2 and SS3 - 36cm up to 51cm


SRD, SR6, SR7, SR8 and SR2

These shapes are allround slalom fins for top- end speeds as well as for good overall speeds with good control in all conditions. The SRD is suitable for highest top- end speed at personal GPS-record attempts as well. The SR2 is the most powerful shape in this range, if the focus is primarily on early planing and pointing.


Available sizes:

SRD - up to 48cm

SR6, SR7 and SR8 - up to 51cm

SR2 - up to 70cm possible


Rake angles are based on fin sizes ranging from 8 to 15 degrees. Smaller fins are raked more. Most Hurricane slalom fins are made in the recommended stiffness M- (M minus), because it seems to be the best compromise in most cases. But there is no problem to change rake as well as stiffness according to customer preferences.






Hurricane Slalom Finnen Anfertigung